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Faculty and Staff Directory

Michael Aldridge
Michael Aldridge, Creative Director
Appointed 2002

总想用相机捕捉到真正的"美高梅下载时刻, Michael brings the Northwood Experience to life. 在加入Northwood之前,Michael是一名自由摄影师/平面设计师. 他的客户名单包括:希尔顿度假村, Miller Sports Group, IMG, SBC Media, Aruba Publications, Golf Digest, P3 Vodka, 奥林匹克地区发展局, Crowne Plaza Resorts, and New York ByWays. Capturing all aspects of the Northwood family through images and video remains as challenging and fun today as it was when he joined Northwood in 2002. 

Sandra Baker
Sandra Baker, 学院辅导员/注册主任/学生服务主任行政助理
Appointed 2011

Sandy Baker brings over thirty years of administrative office experience to her position as Administrative Assistant to College Counseling, and Registrar.  她是土生土长的阿迪朗达克人, 在萨拉纳克湖出生长大, 她和她丈夫住在哪里, Bruce, and Willow and Bob, their Jack Russell and Rat Terrier/Pomeranian dogs.  

Brantley Beach
Brantley Beach, Alpine Technician
Appointed 2022
SUNY Plattsburgh

Brantley is joining Northwood as the Alpine Technician. 3岁时,他在Whiteface学会了滑雪,从此成为了一名狂热的滑雪者. Brantley attended SUNY Plattsburgh to study Business and Finance and followed his Bachelor’s degrees with a Master's of Science in Leadership Studies. He has spent the last 12 years managing both the retail and service departments at a local ski shop and will bring an in-depth understanding of alpine equipment to our team. 

Tommy Biesemeyer
Tommy Biesemeyer, Director of Skiing
Appointed 2021

比斯迈耶在经历了传奇的赛车生涯和15年的高山赛车之后加入了美高梅下载, training, and coaching experience. 他是纽约基恩的居民,在滑雪界被称为“B.Z.," Biesemeyer began skiing at the age of three and had his first race at age seven when he joined the New York Ski Education Foundation (NYSEF) program at Whiteface Mountain. 12岁时,比斯迈耶参加了J3和J4比赛,但一直把目光投向美国.S. Ski Team. A victory at the '03 Junior Olympics started him down that path, 然后他在2010年首次参加世界杯,并在2018年参加了奥运会. 

Teresa Brady
Teresa Brady, 首席财务官/业务经理
Appointed 2016
Providence College
Stonier Graduate School of Banking, University of Delaware

Teresa became a full-time resident of Lake Placid in 2013 after 20 years of experience in bank regulation. 特蕾莎在华盛顿的波士顿工作.C. 在曼哈顿定居之前. 特蕾莎、她的丈夫凯文和三个孩子都喜欢普莱西德湖提供的一切. They are avid skiers, hikers, and enjoy the arts.

Tom Broderick
Thomas Broderick, 对外事务学院副院长/年度基金主任
Appointed 1988
Hamilton College

Associate Head of Shool, 托马斯·布罗德里克已经在学校工作了将近30年, all at Northwood School. Educated at Hamilton College, he received a bachelor's of arts degree in political science that focused on American Democracy. Mr. Broderick在Northwood on Main项目的持续开发中发挥了重要作用. 他和妮可结婚了,他们有两个孩子,19岁的摩根和22岁的凯特. 布罗德里克一家喜欢普莱西德湖,喜欢滑雪, skating, swimming, hiking and biking.

Noel Carmichael
Noel Carmichael, 教务和学术事务主任
Appointed 2017
New York University
José Coss
José Coss, U17男足总教练,西班牙语教师
Appointed 2023

José graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, 他于2015年获得了信息与新闻学学士学位. 随后,他在波多黎各大学法学院攻读法学博士学位, 之后,他在不同的律师事务所当了三年律师. 他17岁还在上高中时就开始执教足球, in Fraigcomar Soccer Club where he eventually became head coach and director of the soccer program. 约瑟还曾在两所著名高中担任足球总教练, 一个是圣伊格纳西奥·德·洛约拉学院,另一个是阿迪亚内斯学院. 2021年,他获得了国际足联体育管理硕士学位. Most recently, José was head coach of the first team of Academia Quintana leading them to their first national tournament final in 16 years. 约瑟住在足球场旁边的校园里.

Andy Donatello
Andrew Donatello, Athletic Trainer
Appointed 1997
University of New Hampshire
M.A. Indiana State University

在新罕布什尔州出生和长大, Andy attended the University of New Hampshire in Durham where he received his Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology with a specialization of Athletic Training.  他在印第安纳州立大学获得运动训练硕士学位. Andy worked at Lake Placid Sports Medicine for two years before coming to Northwood School in 1997. Andy is the  Athletic Trainer, and Health teacher.  他住在普莱西德湖与他的妻子嘉莉,女儿萨拉18 & Haley ‘21 & son Drew ’23. 他喜欢所有与高尔夫有关的户外活动, paddleboarding, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing being his among his favorites.

Bob Emery
Bob Emery, Mathematics Faculty
Appointed 2020
SUNY Cortland

鲍勃是一名新教员,将教高级数学课. 他毕业于贝茨学院,拥有纽约州立大学科特兰分校的教学硕士学位. He is a New York State certified math teacher who has been teaching at Mountain Lake Academy since 2012. In his role there, he has taught many levels of math from Algebra to AP Calculus and he utilizes a number of different online platforms in his teaching. Bob is also a Suzuki guitar instructor and has worked as an outdoor field instructor at the National Outdoor Leadership School and at Adirondack Leadership Expeditions. 他和妻子惠特尼以及他们的三个孩子住在雷布鲁克.

Marcy Fagan
Marcy Fagan, 科学学院LEAP项目主任
Appointed 2006
Gettysburgh College
M.A.T. Fairleigh Dickinson College

Marcy Fagan graduated from Gettysburg College with a B.S. 然后获得了生物学硕士学位.A.T. 在费尔利·狄金森大学. Marcy是美高梅下载大学科学系主任和LEAP项目主任. 她教生物和地质学,喜欢户外探险. 你会在温暖的月份看到她骑山地车,在冬天看到她在滑雪.

Andrea Farrell
Andrea Farrell, Mathematics Faculty
Appointed 2022
Middlebury College

Andrea Farrell is returning to the math department at Northwood this year to begin her tenth year of teaching. 在她的职业生涯中,她教过代数1到AP微积分和AP统计学, 她暂时离开了教室去照顾她年轻的家庭. Andrea于2004年毕业于明德学院,获得环境研究学位. 她对户外活动的热爱使她走遍了四大洲, ultimately bringing her back to her hometown of Lake Placid 她和她丈夫住在哪里, Mike, and their 3 children. These days, when she isn't in the classroom you can find her on hiking, skiing, 在离家更近的地方冒险.

Justin Felhaber
Justin Felhaber '14, Assistant Coach Boys' Varsity Hockey, English Faculty
Appointed 2021
Hamilton College

Justin is a  proud Northwood alum (Class of 2014) from Pembroke, Ontario and will be teaching English and coaching hockey.  在CCHL的彭布罗克木材国王队打了三年少年冰球之后, 他曾就读于克林顿的汉密尔顿学院, NY (Class of 2021).  Justin received a B.A. in English Literature and served as a captain of the Men's Hockey Team during his time at Hamilton. 远离教室和溜冰场, 他业余时间弹吉他, golfing, and hiking with friends.  

Stephanie Gates
Stephanie Gates, Executive Assistant to the Head of School and Board of Trustees, Director of Advancement Services
Appointed 2017
Trevor Gilligan
Trevor Gilligan '03, Director of Athletics, Head Coach Girls' Hockey
Appointed 2016
SUNY Oswego

Trevor Gilligan '03, a North Country native, led the Northwood Girls to a 46-14-6 record in his first season.  一些难忘的时刻包括赢得秋叶锦标赛, reaching the finals in the Detroit Two Nations Cup, Nashville Country Classic, 以及纽约州冠军赛. 在接手女孩项目之前, Gilligan spent two seasons alongside Chadd Cassidy as the Associate Head Coach of the Boys' Junior Hockey team. Previous to Northwood, 吉利根是纽约州立大学广州分校的主教练, 带领男子曲棍球队进入NCAA三级联赛. He started his coaching career here at Northwood from 2008-2013.  吉利根在美高梅官方网站app作为宿舍家长有着丰富的经验, coach, advisor, 也是2003届的一员. He earned a Bachelor of Education degree at SUNY Oswego and was a member of the Lakers 2007 National Championship hockey team. 吉利根和他的妻子凯蒂住在校园里.

Nadine Gonyea-Hathaway
Nadine Gonyea-Hathaway, 应付帐款/预付款支持
Appointed 2022
Ben LeBlanc
Benjamin LeBlanc, Physics/Math Faculty
Appointed 2021
Univ. of Vermont, Columbia Univ., St. Lawrence Univ.

Ben is a North Country native from Saranac Lake and will be teaching physics and math classes. He received his B.数学和物理学士学位. Lawrence University and a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University as part of a 3+2 combined plan program. 随后,他获得了博士学位.D. in Structural Engineering from the University of Vermont where he focused on monitoring fatigue in structural and biomechanical systems. 在他的空闲时间,本越野跑或砾石自行车在阿迪朗达克的一切.

Shawn Lynch
Shawn Lynch '13, 男子冰球预备队助理教练
Appointed 2023
Utica College

肖恩2013年毕业于美高梅官方网站app. Following his time at Northwood, Shawn went on to play two seasons of junior hockey in Ottawa, ON. He then attended Utica College, where he graduated in 2019 with a degree in Business-Economics. In 2020, 他的教练生涯始于卡米拉斯的西田纳西高中, NY, 在打了一个赛季的小职业冰球之后. Shawn moved on to coach the junior hockey program in Utica, NY, before accepting the Assistant Coach position at Lake Forest College for the 2022-2023 season. 肖恩现在和他的女朋友吉安娜以及他们的女儿索菲亚一起住在校园里.

Mike Maher
Michael J. Maher, Head of School
Appointed 2015
University of Vermont
M.A. Wesleyan University

 迈克尔·马赫的寄宿学校生涯始于沃特敦的塔夫脱学校, 他在那里担任历史老师, dorm parent, advisor, and Dean of Students. 在塔夫脱工作了18年之后. Maher was appointed Head of Berkshire School in Sheffield, MA in 2004, a role he held until 2013.

自2015年7月来到诺思伍德以来,他一直在工作. Maher and his administrative team have added several new signature academic programs such as Innovation and Design, Entrepreneurship, the L.E.A.P. 项目和学习中心.  Additionally, Mr. 马赫带头努力扩大表演艺术的机会, 共同课程和运动选择,改善和发展美高梅下载的体育工厂.

Mr. Maher, 精通几种乐器的有成就的音乐家, 定期在当地社区和学校的客厅表演.  他也是一位成功的企业家, 他创立并拥有多家公司,其中最著名的是克里杯, an elite education and golf program for high school students from around the world that is held annually in Waterville, Ireland.  Mr. Maher拥有佛蒙特大学政治学和俄罗斯研究学士学位, 获得卫斯理大学文科硕士学位.

Steve Mallaro
Stephen Mallaro '06, Head Coach Boys' Prep Hockey
Appointed 2021

Stephen is a 2006 graduate of Northwood School. 在现任教练马克·莫里斯的带领下,他是第一支取得40胜的球队队长. Stephen has had an extensive coaching career following a successful collegiate career at Oswego State University and minor pro career. He began coaching at Manhattanville College, earning a master’s degree in Sport Business Management. He then joined the College at Brockport for two seasons before being hired at King’s College as the first head coach in program history. 最近,斯蒂芬是奥尔巴尼学院预科学校的主教练. 斯蒂芬和他的妻子朱莉娅和金毛猎犬戴利住在校园里.

Elenor Mandigo
Elenor Mandigo, Assistant to the Director of Admission/Office Manager
518 523 3382
Appointed 2001

Born in Puerto Rico, as a military dependent, 埃莉诺从小就喜欢旅行,这是军人家庭生活的一部分. 她从德国的高中毕业,然后就读于纽约州普拉茨堡的OLVA.

Elenor's work experience is as varied as her outside interests, 她在孩子们还小的时候就开了一家童装店, to working in accounting and also selling real estate part time. Elenor joined Northwood School in 2001 and has been part of the Admission Office since then. Three of Elenor's children attended Northwood School, Jerica Young '05, 09年的Fergie Young和Richele Young. Elenor lives in the scenic town of Jay, NY with her son, Jaron.

Jeff Martin
Jeffrey Martin, Innovation, Engineering, & Entrepreneurship Dept. 主席,技术总监,机器人
Appointed 1995
Alfred University
M.S. Alfred University

Jeff Martin received his M.S. from Alfred University and has been a teacher, coach and dorm parent at Northwood School since 1995.  杰夫教物理科学, chemistry, geology, astronomy, algebra II and algebra III and coached tennis, soccer, hockey and wilderness skills during his time at Northwood.  他担任创新委员会主席, Engineering, 他是美高梅下载机器人团队的教练.  Jeff, his wife Sytske and their daughter Anja enjoy the many outdoor activities of the Lake Placid area and spending quiet time at their home in Wilmington.

Systke Martin
Sytske Martin, Library Services Coordinator
Appointed 2009
Alfred University

Sytske Martin成为Northwood社区的一员已经近二十年了.  就读于阿尔弗雷德大学, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1990 and later received a degree in Massage Therapy from NCCC.  Sytske目前担任美高梅下载图书馆服务协调员.  She is married to Jeff Martin, the school's Innovation, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship director. They live in nearby Wilmington, NY with their daughter Anja.  Sytske enjoys being outdoors in the Adirondacks and staying active with her family and pets.

Kelvin Martinez
Kelvin Martinez, 多元文化事务院长, 学院成长与发展主任, Foreign Language Faculty, Boys' Soccer Coach
Appointed 2018
Union College
M.Ed. 美国教育学院

开尔文·马丁内斯(Kelvin Martinez)从马萨诸塞州南伯勒的费伊学校(Fay School)加入了美高梅下载.  Mr. 马丁内斯是美高梅下载学院多元文化事务和招聘主任. 他也是西班牙语教练和男子足球队的主教练. 他目前正在攻读博士学位.D. 奥尔巴尼大学拉丁美洲和加勒比研究系的教授.  Mr. 马丁内斯和他的妻子诺拉以及他们的三个孩子住在校园里.

David McCauley
David McCauley, 学院咨询主任和国际学生主任
Appointed 2019
Colby College
M.Ed. St. Lawrence University

As the Director of College Counseling David provides college-related guidance and support for students and their parents, 与大学招生官保持专业关系, 并监督学生在大学寻找过程中的项目. Previous to Northwood School, David was the Director of College Counseling at Berkshire School. Prior to this, he spent four years as Director of College Counseling and Assistant Registrar at Beijing High School No. 中国的北京十一学校. 他还曾在克莱顿大学(Creighton University)担任招生官, Siena College, Hamilton College, 和伦斯勒理工学院. 他毕业于科尔比学院,获得西班牙语学士学位. Lawrence University with a M.Ed. 并活跃于众多专业协会. David, his wife Marleny, and their son Sean live in Lake Placid.

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller, Director of Financial Aid; Math Department; Coach Boys' Varsity Hockey
(518) 302 5134
Appointed 2018
Dartmouth College

在波士顿地区出生和长大, Jeff attended Reading Memorial High School before embarking on a post graduate year at Phillips Andover Academy.   杰夫后来去了达特茅斯学院, 他在那里当了四年的冰球明星和助理队长. 杰夫1990年以B的成绩毕业.A. in History.

在欧洲打过职业冰球之后, Jeff pursued a career in finance where he worked for JPMorgan, FBR Capital Markets, and Guggenheim Partners. Jeff also coached hockey as the assistant coach for Reading High School and as a head coach in the New England Fall Prep School League. Jeff joined Northwood faculty in 2018 and assumed the Director of Financial Aid responsibilities in 2020. In addition to his work in the Admission Office, Mr. 米勒是人文系的老师,也是男子曲棍球队的教练

Jon Moodey
Jon Moodey, 男子足球项目主管
Appointed 2018
Kenyon College

在加入Northwood之前,Jon曾担任Black Rock足球俱乐部的创始人兼首席执行官. Before that, 他在伯克希尔学校担任了11年的足球教练, where he won three National Prep Championships. While at Berkshire, Jon也是招生办的副主任和英语教师的一员.  Jon为Northwood学校带来了超过20年的教练和教育经验.   Jon is married to Martina Moodey, a former member of the Spanish faculty at Berkshire School.  他们有两个孩子,住在校园里.

Bobby O'Connor
Bobby O'Connor, 美高梅下载郊游俱乐部主任
Appointed 2021
SUNY Plattsburgh

Bobby O’Connor is an avid outdoor professional with expedition and teaching experience in paddling, rock climbing, ice climbing, backcountry skiing, and mountaineering. He is an NYS licensed guide, wilderness first responder, certified whitewater, kayaking/canoeing, 攀岩教练. He has received advanced training in NYS wildland search skills, challenge course technology, and avalanche response. O’Connor received a B.S. (2013) and M.S. (2017) in Expeditionary Studies from SUNY Plattsburgh. Before Northwood, O’Connor was a recreation professor at Paul Smith’s College and the Outdoor/Adventure Education Coordinator overseeing the infrastructure necessary for running the outdoor programs.    

Heather Odell
Heather Odell, Humanities/ French Faculty; Humanities Dept. Chair
Appointed 2017
M.A. St. Michael's College
Stacy Prime
Stacy McCoy Prime, Chief Innovation Officer
Appointed 2021
University of Michigan

Prime是一个屡获殊荣的教育创新者和企业家, 有远见的蒸汽学校领导, and school designer. Her work is featured in the New York Times and Today Show.  Before Northwood, Prime was a founding NYC principal where she designed and led an innovative STEAM high school that served 450 students and 65 staff. Her background includes a B.A. 来自密歇根大学, 并获得多个硕士学位和领导力项目证书, awards, 以及中学教育的奖学金, leadership, and school design.

Steve Reed
Stephen Reed, 高级硕士/校友关系总监
Appointed 1971
Bowdoin College

After graduating from Bowdoin College in 1969, Mr. Reed joined the staff of Kingsley Hall School in Westbrook, Connecticut where he taught English for two years and served as athletic director and baseball coach.  In 1971 he became a member of the Northwood faculty.  Over the past four decades, 他在美高梅下载担任过各种职务:英语系主任, head of college guidance, assistant headmaster, and coach of various sports.  Steve is actively involved in the Lake Placid community, he has been elected a town justice and chairman of the public school board as well as being on the boards of The Adirondack Medical Center, The Deo Coburn Foundation, 埃塞克斯郡心理健康协会, The Lake Placid/North Elba Historical Society, 以及《美高梅官方网站app》.

Gino Riffle
Gino Riffle, Director of Admission
(518) 302 5114
Appointed 2015
University of Vermont
M.Ed. Salem State University

1996年毕业于佛蒙特大学, 吉诺是一名成功的教练, school administrator, and athletic director since becoming an educator in 1998.  In his nine years as Head Boys' Coach at Kimball Union Academy, he recruited and mentored 18 Division I players, 其中四人是NHL选秀. Two of his teams won the NEPSAC Small School Championship. From KUA he returned to his high school alma mater, 作为学生生活副校长和体育总监. He currently serves as Northwood's  Director of Admissions.  Gino和他的妻子Leigh和女儿Anastasia住在纽约的Jay.

Leigh Riffle
Leigh Riffle, Asst. 人文/社会科学学院院长,女子曲棍球队院长
Appointed 2017
Connecticut College

Originally from Clifton Park, New York, Leigh graduated from Canterbury School in New Milford, Connecticut in 2011. She then played four years on defense for the Connecticut College Camels where she won the Erica M. Vos Award of Valor in the spring of her senior year. After her collegiate career, Leigh spent two years as Canterbury's Associate Head Girls' Hockey coach and as an instructor in humanities and mathematics.  在美高梅下载,她教授人文学科,并担任学生助理院长. 利与丈夫吉诺、女儿安娜斯塔西娅和狗布默住在杰伊.

Hanna Rose
Hanna Rose '18, Assistant Coach Girls' Hockey, Mathematics Faculty
Appointed 2023

汉娜是美高梅官方网站app2018年的毕业生. 她在女子曲棍球队打了两年,并继续上大学, playing at Plattsburgh State. She was a member of the team, winning the Division 3 - 2019 National Championship her freshman year and received Rookie of the Year in the NEWHL.  Hanna received an Undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a Master's degree in Secondary Education during her time at Plattsburgh. 汉娜来自纽约三里湾. 她和她的波士顿梗小狗Zury住在第二东的校园里.

Caroline Roy
Caroline Roy, 医务室行政支助
Appointed 2006
Lafayette College
Matt Roy
Matthew Roy, Science Faculty
Appointed 2004
St. Lawrence University

Matt Roy自2004年以来一直在Northwood学校教授物理、物理科学和生物.  他还执教过各种运动,包括足球、船员和激流皮划艇..  Before life at Northwood, Matt was the Executive Director of the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation and a member of the 1988 Olympic Bobsled team.  He is a 1982 graduate of St. 他在劳伦斯大学主修生物和环境研究.  马特已婚,有四个孩子——艾米丽08年,凯特06年,克里斯15年和罗比.

Howard Runyon
Howard Runyon, Spanish/Humanities Faculty; Crew Coach
Appointed 2005
Yale University
M.F.A. Columbia University

Howard has taught Spanish and English at Northwood, and coached the Crew, since 2005, 现任外语系主任. 他在耶鲁大学(Yale)参加校队轻量级赛艇,并以B的成绩毕业.A. in philosophy. 他的硕士学位是电影专业. Before coming to Northwood, he worked as a copy editor and spent four years coaching men's and women's crews at the University of Chicago.

Simon Shergold
Simon Shergold, 足球教练/历史讲师
Appointed in 2022

Simon Shergold is a high school History teacher from the UK, recently settled in Lake Placid with his family. 他在英国当了近20年的班主任和系主任, 同时还在科林蒂安休闲队踢半职业足球. He first worked on the fields of Northwood 20 years ago as a soccer coach and is looking forward to teaching and coaching in this beautiful region and enjoying all the opportunities living in Lake Placid offers.

John Spear
John Spear '88, Assistant Head of School for Student Life; Journalism and AP Psychology Faculty
Appointed 2011
Williams College

1988年从美高梅下载毕业后, 约翰就读于威廉姆斯学院, 他是曲棍球队的队长吗. He returned to Northwood from 1992-94 to teach English and psychology and coach hockey and lacrosse. 2011年回到Northwood之前, John was the Director of College Guidance and Assistant Head of School at National Sports Academy. Prior to being named Assistant Head for School Life, John Spear ’88 was Northwood's Director of College Counseling. He also teaches Journalism and AP Psychology. 约翰和他的妻子玛莎和儿子约瑟夫住在贝加米尼的校园里.

Adam Stewart
Adam Stewart, Music Instructor
Appointed 2021
Elon University

亚当·斯图尔特是来自新罕布什尔州中部的一位充满激情的音乐教育家. 他在蒂尔顿学校长大,并于2002年以优异的成绩毕业. He earned his BS Music Education (vocal focus) from Elon University in 2006 and has taught in public and private day schools ever since. Adam is excited to return to the private boarding school environment and cannot wait to share his depth of musical knowledge and love of performance with the Northwood community.

Ingrid VanSlyke
Ingrid Van Slyke, Art Faculty
Appointed 2009
SUNY Institute of Technology

英格丽德在全国和整个东北部展出她的作品.  她的粉彩画为她赢得了无数的奖项和荣誉. 包括美国粉彩协会颁发的科德角奖 Enduring Brilliance exhibition in New York City. She is a Signature member of The Pastel Society of America,  Adirondack Pastel Society,  International Association of Pastel Societies, and the National Association of Women Artists. Ingrid teaches pastel and painting workshops . She is represented at Gallery 46 in Lake Placid N.Y.

Jill Walker
Jill Walker, 高级STEM研究项目主任
Appointed 2004
Luther College
M.S. University of South Carolina

Jill Walker, Northwood's Director of the Advanced STEM Research Program and an instructor in the science department, 从2004年起就在美高梅官方网站app. 在到达美高梅下载之前, she taught at the University of South Carolina and at a private all-girls school in Rochester, N.Y.  Ms. Walker earned her B.A. in Biology at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and her M.S. in Biology at the University of South Carolina.  She is married to Jim, a managing editor at a small publishing company, and they live with their dog Roscoe in Lake Placid.

Carrie Wardlaw
Carrie Wardlaw, 招生高级副主任
Appointed 2013

Carrie Grady Wardlaw was born and raised in Lake Placid. 她于1988年毕业于滑雪比赛学院山屋学校,并获得了B.A. 我是普拉茨堡州立大学的教育学硕士. Mrs. 沃德劳是三届铁人三项冠军,也是一名极具竞争力的滑水运动员. 这是她第二次担任美高梅官方网站app的教职员工. From 1997-2005, she was a history teacher, ski and conditioning coach, advisor and dorm parent. 在帕克城生活了七年,生了三个孩子. Wardlaw and her husband Tait, decided to move back to Lake Placid to be closer to family and she began working at Northwood School again in the fall of 2013 as part of the Admission Team. Mrs. Wardlaw was appointed 招生高级副主任 in 2020 and in addition to her responsibilities in the Admission Office, Mrs. Wardlaw is also a teacher in the Humanities Department. 

Mrs. 沃德劳和泰特和他们的孩子怀亚特、蒂根和卢克住在普莱西德湖.

Tim Weaver
Timothy Weaver, Math & Science Faculty, College Counselor, Basketball Coach
Appointed 1991
Lafayette College
M.Ed. University of Massachusetts

蒂姆·韦弗自1991年以来一直在美高梅下载工作. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Lafayette College and his Master's Degree in Education from University of Massachusetts.  Mr. Weaver is also a girls’ lacrosse coach in the spring.  他的妻子是凯蒂·韦弗, 北国学校的工作室美术老师, and has two daughters, Amy ’11 and Erin.  He is an avid skate skier in the winter time and enjoys competing in the local mini-tri's in the summer.

Raychel West
Raychel West, Director of Ski Operations
Appointed 2021
Arizona State University

Raychel is joining Northwood as the Director of Ski Operations. At the age of 14, Raychel began traveling from her hometown of Roswell, GA, to Lake Placid, NY, 训练和参加雪橇运动. 她代表美国雪橇队参加了8年的国际比赛. After becoming Junior National Champion in 2014, 杰曼被选入国家队, 她后来在那里参加了世界杯/世界锦标赛. After retiring from Luge, she proceeded to obtain her BS in Nutrition from Arizona State University. Raychel loves to cook and enjoys spending time with her friends, family, 还有迷你腊肠犬Ziggy.  

Lisa Wint
Lisa Wint, Learning Center Coordinator, 10th Grade Class Dean
Appointed 2015
Nazareth College

After graduation from Nazareth College of Rochester in 1991, Lisa enjoyed a successful 12-year business career.  In 2003 she moved to Lake Placid and joined the boarding school world through the National Sports Academy where she held many positions including Spanish teacher, Winter Program Coordinator, Academic Dean, 大学辅导员兼校长.  She joined the Northwood School community in 2015 and loves her roles as an academic coach and the coordinator of the Learning Center. 丽莎也是十年级的班级主任.

丽莎和丈夫兰迪以及他们的儿子乔纳森住在普莱西德湖. They enjoy everything the Adirondacks have to offer.  When not on campus, you can usually find Lisa cross-country skiing, biking, running, paddling, 做饭或在她的花园里干活.  

Tara Wright
Tara Wright, School Psychologist, Director of the Learning Center
Appointed 2018
Messiah College
M.S. College of Saint Rose

Tara holds a Masters of Science in School Psychology from The College of Saint Rose and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Messiah College. She has worked with families and students in PreK - grade 12, 建立在每个学生的独特优势,以最大限度地提高他们的学习. Tara于2018年加入诺思伍德学校,提供咨询服务, 教育和心理健康评估, 和学习中心辅导服务.  She lives in Lake Placid with her husband, Jacob, and children, Alex, Nate, Jack, and Juliet.