美高梅官方网站app’s 飞跃 program is designed to enrich students’ academic experience by providing unique experiential programs that serve to broaden horizons, 进一步的学术发展, 并提供在传统的学术研究课程中无法获得的机会. Programming is intended to challenge students’ perspectives and understanding of the world they live in and will someday lead. 这是学校的意图,这些项目将为学生和他们未来的努力打开大门.

L.E.A.P. 课程描述2024年5月(可能会有变化).

2024 飞跃课程描述

This course will give students the hands-on opportunity to explore the lifestyle of an elite/professional athlete in the Adirondacks. 他们将探索使阿迪朗达克成为休闲胜地的许多户外活动. 这将包括在普莱西德湖和塔珀湖之间的新铁路线上骑砾石自行车, 徒步前往印第安角, 划独木舟穿过普莱西德湖, 室内登山和越野跑. Van Hoevenberg, a yoga class, and a massage/class on deep tissue massage. 注:这将是一个密集的一周的锻炼! Additional time will be spent in the gym working on strength and mobility. 虽然训练的积极方面很重要,但营养和恢复也同样重要. Therefore, this course will include all nutrition for the week and recovery tools. 学生将与当地精英/专业运动员会面,了解他们对训练和恢复的看法.

阿迪朗达克农场到餐桌 & 烹饪经验

This course will give students the hands-on opportunity to learn about and experience the value of the Farm to Table movement. Students will explore life on a local organic dairy farm and creamery, 学习制作奶酪的艺术, 在烹饪学校实验室厨房和餐厅厨房与专业厨师一起烹饪, learn techniques for preparing delicious wholesome foods with fresh ingredients and appreciate the fruits of their labor in the company of the others in the group. Students will also visit another local private school to learn about their edible schoolyard and incredible composting system, they will learn about making maple syrup at a local sugarhouse and honey beekeeping through the Adirondack Pollinator Project, 他们还将在当地几家餐馆享受烹饪示范和用餐. The course will culminate with students sharing their newly formed culinary skills with the 美高梅官方网站app community by preparing and serving a nutritious and tasty meal for other students. Note: no prior cooking experience is required for this course. Bring a good attitude and the desire to have fun, participate, learn and EAT! 


本课程将为学生提供深入学习狗只训练的实践机会. 参与者将花一周时间从克里斯蒂安·哈默穆勒那里学习交易技巧, 奇迹狗的主人/创始人和首席训练师. 我们的训犬师将在一周内与教职员的狗配对,并将训练和照顾它们. 整个星期,我们的学员还将深入了解如何训练服务犬, 和当地的小狗游戏小组一起玩, 参观当地的动物收容所, 了解宠物营养, 繁殖, 遗传学, 一般护理, as well as host a Pup Trot fundraiser in support of our local animal shelter. The week will end with a Dog Show where we will crown the week’s “Best Dog”, 接着是狗狗训练毕业典礼.


Help local elementary schools and kindergartens to explore the challenging, 奖励, enjoyable and memorable world of educating young people. 该计划将包括对当地学校的日间访问,以观察和观察专家教师, opportunities to help in the classroom before culminating in a sports event designed and run entirely by you at 美高梅官方网站app for the children you have been working with. 这是一个独特的机会来回馈当地社区,我们都很幸运地成为其中的一部分, 从“桌子的另一边”体验教育, and positively influence the lives of children in the North Country. 我们期待着你加入我们,以一种伟大的方式结束在美高梅官方网站app的一年.



Embark on a Transformative Odyssey with the Discover Puerto Rico 飞跃 Program: An Immersive Fusion of Snorkeling and Cultural Exploration. Are you ready to step out of the ordinary and into a realm where vibrant marine ecosystems intertwine with the rich tapestry of a centuries-old culture? Prepare to be swept away by the Discover Puerto Rico 飞跃 Program, an unparalleled journey that seamlessly blends the exhilaration of snorkeling with the profound exploration of Puerto Rican heritage. 


The Adirondack mountains offer a variety of fly 钓鱼 opportunities ranging from small creek 钓鱼 for quarter pound wild brook trout to larger lake 钓鱼 for 30+ pound lake trout, 中间还有很多选择. 在这次飞跃发售中, students will have the opportunity to learn how to fly fish for Trout, 低音, 以及其他种类的本地淡水鱼.  The students will begin by learning how to cast and will quickly move on to the basics of fly 钓鱼 including finding fish, understanding the different flies and tactics used for different species, 并学习如何钩, 玩, 土地, 放鱼.  我们将花时间了解“苍蝇”是什么,它们模仿什么,以及如何把它们绑起来.  Students will also be introduced to the biology and ecology of cold-water fisheries. 飞跃课程的高潮是在阿迪朗达克山脉的一个私人保护区进行为期5天的钓鱼之旅.  The students will have the opportunity to experience river, lake, and pond 钓鱼.  除了, they will have class and field time with members of the Cornell fisheries and wildlife department to learn about the various fisheries they will be exploring, 以及对它们进行的各种科学研究. 


Experience first-hand one of the most beautiful places in the world! 探索冰川, 火山, 熔岩管, 地热池, 间歇泉, and the rift valley are just a few of the highlights of this course. 学生将学习板块构造学, climate change and the significance of geothermal activity in Ice土地, while using a variety of media to thoroughly document their experience. Students will work and stay at GeoCamp Ice土地 (http://www.geocamp.is/). This is an educational project dedicated to increasing knowledge and understanding of natural sciences with practical and active learning. This is a course for those with a spirit for the natural world! 


从19世纪末开始, 阿迪朗达克山脉成为了富裕的东海岸和加拿大家庭的度假胜地. 高尔夫球运动也随之而来. 这是这些家庭所追求的“改善”体育活动制度的自然附属物, 比如徒步旅行, 钓鱼, 和划独木舟. 但这只是小规模的. 大多数球场——59个建于1890年至1932年之间的阿迪朗达克公园地区, about half of which remain open -- were started as nine-holers. 他们的计划是了解这些有120年历史的球场的历史,并在大多数仍在开放的球场上打球. Ausable俱乐部, 坦达拉高尔夫俱乐部, 鹅卵石山高尔夫球场, 西港乡村俱乐部, 普莱西德湖俱乐部, 以及萨拉纳克酒店高尔夫球场. 我们将见面并听取彼得·马丁的演讲,他是权威著作《阿迪朗达克高尔夫球场》的作者 ... 过去和现在." The golf courses are short and quirky, which should be equally challenging and fun!  Must have your OWN set of golf clubs and have experience 玩ing the game. 


Have you ever wondered how the wonderful antiques you see in museums or perhaps in your grandparents homes were made?  如果你有,你可能知道它们是在没有今天的机器的帮助下建造的. This course is a hands-on learning experience using the tools of the past. 学生将使用飞机, 手锯, chisels and squares to build a candlebox (about 10” wide, 6”deep and 5”high) with a hinged lid and a foot stool with four legs. Students will make hand-cut dovetails and install an inset hinge. Students will make a free standing simple mortise and tenon joint. Dovetails and mortise and tenon joints are the foundation of traditional furniture. Also important are the woods you will be exposed to—pine, maple, cherry and walnut. 一个星期的木材工作可能是你作为一个桌子制作者旅程的第一步, 椅子, 梳妆台, 时钟和更多. 

Marine Biology and Geology of Isabela Is土地, Galapagos

Experience Isabela Is土地 in the Galapagos while snorkeling, 皮划艇, 徒步旅行, 骑自行车游泳, 观察世界上最壮观的野生动物和风景. 我们会看到企鹅, 不会飞的鸬鹚, 海鬣蜥和陆鬣蜥, 巨型陆龟, 蓝脚鲣鸟, 太平洋绿海龟, 白鳍鲨, 海狮和雀类等等. The is土地 of Isabela also portrays the picture of the evolving process that these species went through in all different locations of the same is土地. Isabela was formed by the joining of five young 火山. While these volcanic regions contain extensive lava fields and little vegetation, the southern high土地s and various other regions are covered by dense vegetation including the unique red mangrove. 这是一个千载难逢的机会来看看加拉帕戈斯群岛是如何启发达尔文的进化论的. 


这个为期一周的培训课程以学生主导的实际救援场景为高潮. 这不会是一次攀岩体验. 相反,它将尝试复制现实生活中专业绳索救援者的方法. 参与者可能有也可能没有以前的经验-这不会对这个项目产生任何影响. Each day will add another layer to the necessary skills set – from basic rope work to lowering and raising systems to first aid and litter packaging. 第五天将是高潮:一场由学生组织的、在技术领域的真正救援.


Set forth on an adventure to hunt for muskie, the top predator fish in the Northeast! Base Camp will be set in Canton, NY and surrounding communities in St. 劳伦斯县. 这条路线需要几天时间在格拉斯和小河上寻找巨大的Muskellunge. 学生们将学习捕捉这些锋利牙齿巨人所需的技能和技巧. 将在独木舟上进行投掷,所有捕获的麝香鱼将毫发无损地放回河中. 整个星期 we will be learning the history of the fish of 10,000 casts. 晚上将在河边露营, 在明火上烹饪食物, 并反思当天早些时候的经历. A professional Muskie guide and fisherman will join for part of the week. 本指南将为我们提供提问和鼓励对话的机会. 这个星期将以家庭晚餐和泳池派对结束(天气允许的话). 杜罗切的家. 鼓励即兴的匹克球锦标赛. If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure and fun 飞跃 week, 请加入我们的疯狂捕鲸之旅!  


You are what you eat - If you are looking for ways to improve your athletic performance through better nutrition, 这门课是为你量身定做的. 注册营养师加盟营养师, 汉娜·范伯格,13届奥运会奖牌得主, 安德里亚·伯克, to understand how nutrition affects athletic performance. 整个星期, students will develop a foundational knowledge of nutritional science and understand how it applies to sport performance. 通过Aeroscan®测试, you will see your exact numbers on fat and carbohydrate burn 在 exercising, and you will learn to use those numbers for efficient and effective training. You will learn about critical nutrition components for overall health, 运动成绩的基础是什么, 另外要更好地了解你身体的生理过程,需要适当的营养. To understand the integration of nutrition and exercise, over the course of the week you will: develop a foundational knowledge of nutritional science; understand the application of nutritional science in sport performance; assess individual fueling and hydration needs before, 在, 运动之后.


Learn the basics of painting outside from life before we embark on 飞跃. Each day the group will travel to local sites and paint on location. 一些地点将包括…主街普莱西德湖, 保罗史密斯的维克剧院, and several scenes which include the High Peaks and lakes. 这一天将包括两个绘画环节, 每次持续3小时,中间有午餐休息, 每天下午4点左右结束. 然后学生们将返回学校, participate in a painting critique each evening and share a meal out or at school. 本周的最后一幅画将被展出.


从冒险运动和历史的角度来看, 这次教育探险将带你去英国一些最具标志性的地方. 划桨体验将是世界级的. 体验冲浪, 潮汐的比赛, 岩石跳跃, and some of the most quintessential coastal 土地 features in the world. 在水上和水上,我们将体验到人类历史,可以追溯到新石器时代的墓室, 世界遗产, 以及对植物有特殊科学意义的地点, 动物, 和地质学. The immersive historical and scientific elements of this expedition will complement the exceptional sea 皮划艇 to make it a full-on educational/adventure sports experience. Possible locations 在 this expedition – Wales  - Pembrokeshire and Snowdonia. 英格兰-伦敦和湖区/坎布里亚郡. Scot土地 - Fort William, Glen Coe, Outer Hebrides, and Edinburgh.  


爬上阿迪朗达克的滑梯, 乘船到一个荒野露营地过夜, 攀岩, zip线, 乘坐风景优美的飞机环绕公园,看看你刚刚探索过的所有地方. 本课程将有一个在阿迪朗达克提供的户外活动的横截面. The exact itinerary and activities will be largely driven by student interest and desires in the pre-trip planning process. The course will provide students with a better sense of the Park’s many user groups and what drives the 土地 use and local decision-making processes while being chockfull of adventure every day. 


This course will focus on the modern circus as a means to study movement, 平衡, 艺术和生物力学. 学生们将学习一些现代马戏运动员使用的技巧,包括走钢丝, 丝绸, 秋千, 杂耍, 杂技, 蹦床, 等. Students must be ready for a physically demanding week with three hours of circus training a day for four days at a National Circus Training School (in either Montreal or Vermont). 一些活动将在地面上进行,但所有的安全措施都将到位. 


这次以西南地区为基础的攀岩之旅将带您前往被称为红岩的世界级攀岩场地. 在本课程中, students will learn the fundamental concepts and standard practices that are the foundation of both single and multi-pitch 攀岩ing. 这个过程表现为技术、环境和组织技能的应用. The class identifies a reflective process of “thinking in action” and provides theoretical foundations and rationales for the application of rock-climbing skills.